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2019 getwell Simei Ecological Tour - Dongguan getwell

  2019.4.3 Henan Nanyang, this day we came to Hubei, the teachers here are very warm, take us to the hotel, the next day we went to visit the Henan Buddhist College, I know that there is also a Buddhist college, there are college students Continue to study here.

  Next, we came to Wumulin. The formation of ancient ebony mostly takes thousands to tens of thousands of years. It combines the quaintness of wood with the charm of stone, and is known as the oriental god wood and plant mummies.

       2019.4.4Jiangxi Jinggangshan Deng Shouyi Teacher Farm         

  In a basin we came to, the mountains and rivers here feel the intimacy of nature. There are clear spring waters everywhere. When we take off our shoes, we feel very comfortable when we walk on the road.

  In the tea tree, I also saw wild tea ears, which can be eaten directly. This is sweet to eat, but there will be a little bit of eating too much. Here we have a good experience, I think it would be really good if you can stay here. .

2019.4.7 Heyuan Huang teacher

I went to the farm there, and the teacher planted tomatoes here. The teacher also made organic manure and milk enzymes. Milk enzymes can make the appearance of fruits brighter and better than fruits without milk enzymes.

After we visited the farm, we came to the mountain and visited the Huade Master who had just arrived at Lingxiao Temple. The Master told us that our clothing, food, shelter and transportation are all Westernized. Now many of us are milk bread in the morning. Our ancestors grew up drinking porridge. The western way of eating is not suitable for us.

And the porridge has ten benefits. Every morning, drinking porridge is very energetic. In the morning, a bowl of porridge has energy. The mage is very energetic and very good. The mage has also built many monasteries. However, after the temple is built, the mage will be handed over to the apprentice and he will leave, not greedy for fame and fortune.

After bidding farewell to the master, we came to the Garden Village where Changshun’s brother was located. Since the brothers Qing Ming went home to sweep the grave, they did not come back. It was up to Zhang Shixiong to take us around and the brothers here set up a leisure resort hotel. The overall environment is very beautiful, and you can also eat organic vegetarian food.

  The last stop was the farm of our class leader Ming Kuan.

We returned to the company from the farm of Mingkuan in the afternoon, and returned to the company after leaving for half a month. I felt that I was long-lost and felt that I was going home.

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