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TF deck TFC-1101S-SI01-1120

TF deck TFC-1101S-SI01-1120

    Product brand: getwell Electronics

    Product number:TFC-1101S-SI01-1120

    Rated current:0.5A 

    Rated voltage:3.6V DC

    Operating temperature:-20~+85℃

    Storage temperature:-20~+85℃

    Contact impedance:100m ohms max.

    Withstand voltage: 250V AC / 1 minute

    Insulation resistance:100M ohms min./500VDC

    Durability times: 5000 times

    Product temperature resistance:260±5℃ 10S

    meets the RoHS

    Custom processing: Yes

    MOQ: According to customer requirements (if your quantity reaches our MOQ, the price will be more favorable)

  • 1、 tape tape
Application range
  • Products are widely used in smart phones, learning machines, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, HIFI audio, walkie-talkies, car and other consumer electronics
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    TF deck TFC-1101S-SI01-1120