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What is the structure and principle of the touch button switch?

Tactile Switch with Key switches operate in a similar way, but the journey is different, Key switch has a longer stroke than the light touch switch, and the touch indicates the amount of power used by the operation switch. The contact of the power can change the state of the switch contact. After the switch power is removed, the original state can only be maintained. Key switch With the lock, it can keep the long pass and the long break, and lock the circuit through the mechanical device of the switch itself. Let’s take a look at the structure and principles of the tap button switch What is it like:


Tact key switch structure: switch panel and connection to switch panel The protruding button is characterized in that the button is integrally connected with the panel through the arc connecting strips on both sides thereof, and the button, the connecting strip and the panel are preferably integrally molded, and the button has a decoration with a jacket. The set is better. The curved connecting strip of the utility model has certain elasticity due to its own thin strip shape, so when the central button is pressed and released again, the elastic action of the curved connecting strip will reset it, so there is no need to press the button again. The return spring is provided at the same time; the structure of the touch button switch can be simply implemented by integral injection molding, thereby greatly facilitating the manufacture and assembly. Proximity switch working principle classification: Proximity switch working principle: Inductive proximity switch working principle, inductive proximity switch belongs to a position sensor with switching output, which is composed of LC high frequency oscillator and amplification processing circuit, using metal objects in When approaching this oscillating induction head that generates an electromagnetic field, eddy currents are generated inside the object. This eddy current reacts to the proximity switch, causing the proximity switch to oscillate and the internal circuit parameters are changed, thereby identifying the presence or absence of a metal object, thereby controlling the on or off of the switch. The object that this proximity switch can detect must be a metal object.

Due to its small size, long life, and light touch, it is widely used in many fields such as household appliances. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the upgrading of these household appliances is getting faster and faster, and the number of them needs to be larger and larger. This is also the biggest potential direction for us to be optimistic about its development prospects.


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